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Lotus paste stuffing is a kind of stuffing commonly used in baking food, especially traditional Chinese food such as moon cake, egg yolk cake, Zongzi, etc. The following is a description of lotus filling:

1、 Color and texture:

Color: Depending on the production method, the lotus filling can be pure white (white lotus) or brownish red (red lotus). The color of Honglian Rong comes from the process of stir frying sugar. After the sugar is caramelized, the filling is stir fried to give it a brownish red color.

Texture: After stewing, stirring, and stir frying, the lotus filling presents a delicate, muddy texture that is neither dry nor too wet, with a certain degree of viscosity and extensibility.

2、 Main raw materials:

Lotus seeds: The main ingredient for lotus filling is lotus seeds. After soaking, removing the heart, and stewing, lotus seeds become the basic material for making lotus paste.

Sugar and oil: Sugar and oil are essential ingredients for making lotus filling. Sugar is used to enhance the sweetness of the filling, while oil is used to adjust the taste and texture of the filling, making it more delicate and smooth.

3、 Production process:

Soaking and stewing: After washing the lotus seeds, soak them in clean water until soft, then remove the lotus heart, add clean water, and stew in a pressure cooker until soft and tender.

Stirring and stir frying: After the stewed lotus seeds have cooled down slightly, pour them into a food processor and stir until they become a paste. Then, add oil and sugar to the wok, stir fry until the sugar dissolves and caramels (only for red lotus seeds), then add lotus seed paste and stir fry until absorbed. During the frying process, add oil multiple times, stir fry until the lotus seed paste is completely absorbed, and then add another time until the filling is dry and hard.

4、 Usage:

Lotus paste stuffing is widely used in the production of traditional Chinese foods such as moon cakes, egg yolk cakes, Zongzi, which adds rich taste and nutritional value to these foods.