The mooncake labeling process can be carried out according to the following steps to ensure clarity and efficiency:
1、 Brand demand confirmation:
The brand first needs to clarify their own needs, including the types, specifications, flavors, packaging requirements, quality standards, etc. of mooncakes.
At this stage, it may be necessary to have in-depth communication with the production enterprise to ensure that both parties have a consistent understanding of the product.

2、 Production enterprise selection:
The brand selects suitable production enterprises for cooperation based on their own needs.
The focus of the inspection includes the strength of production enterprises, production equipment, production processes, quality control capabilities, mooncake filling factories, mooncake mold factories, and other related supporting resources.

3、 Signing of cooperation agreement:
After confirming the intention to cooperate, both parties need to sign a cooperation agreement.
The cooperation agreement needs to clarify the rights and obligations of both parties, product quality standards, production cycles, prices, and other cooperation details.
For example, the production quantity, delivery time, quality standards, after-sales service, and other terms of mooncakes can be clearly defined.

4、 Product customization:
The brand and the production enterprise jointly determine the requirements for the formula, packaging, labeling, and other aspects of the mooncake.
This stage may require multiple communications and adjustments to ensure that the product meets the taste and health needs of consumers.
If the brand has special personalized needs, such as customizing mooncake fillings, the logo on the pastry skin, and the text on the packaging, it is necessary to communicate fully with the production enterprise.

5、 Production and processing:
Production enterprises start producing and processing mooncakes according to the requirements of the brand.
During the production process, the brand can maintain close communication with the production enterprise to understand the production progress and quality situation.
Production enterprises need to ensure that the quality and safety of their products comply with the requirements of the brand and relevant laws and regulations.

6、 Packaging and delivery:
After the production and processing of mooncakes are completed, they are packaged and distributed.
The brand and production enterprise jointly design suitable packaging solutions to ensure that mooncakes can safely and aesthetically reach the sales point.
The delivery method and time need to be negotiated and determined with the brand to ensure that the mooncakes can arrive at the sales point on time.

7、 Marketing:
After the production of mooncakes is completed, the brand carries out market promotion.
Promotion can be carried out online and offline, such as conducting promotional activities, attending exhibitions, and conducting online marketing.
By effectively promoting the market, we aim to increase the visibility and sales of mooncakes.

8. Subsequent cooperation and adjustment:
Based on market feedback and consumer demand, brand owners and production enterprises can further adjust and optimize their products.
Both parties can establish a long-term cooperative relationship to jointly develop new products or improve existing products.

        Throughout the entire mooncake OEM process, the brand and production enterprises need to maintain close communication and collaboration to ensure the smooth progress of the process and the quality and safety of the products. At the same time, both parties need to comply with relevant laws, regulations, and standard requirements to ensure product compliance and safety.